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These are the range of services we provide. Please note that we ONLY provide massaging services. 

We DO NOT provide any other extras, or 'happy endings'. Please be respectful to our therapists.

Head and Shoulder massage

A relaxing head and shoulder massage that will help you de-stress. This massage is suitable for any individual experiencing high levels of stress or tightness in the shoulders and neck area. 

Traditional Head Massage

Sports Massage

Experience a deep tissue massage that aims to relieve the tension of the muscles that is well below the surface of the body. Putting considerable amounts of pressure and friction against the muscle grain on the area of concern. This treatment is recommended for athletes and individuals experiencing chronic muscle pain.

Hot Stone Massage

A special technique that incorporates the use of heated up flat and smooth basalt stones. Basalt stones are used because they retain heat well. Laying down these hot stones along the spine of the body can promote good blood circulation and healing. This is ideal for all individuals that want to rejuvenate their body and relax.

Hot Stones Massage
Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

Our therapists will give you a massage according to the pressure level of your preference. The aim is to give you a relaxing experience as well as soothe the tension and muscle aches that you may be experiencing. Suitable for all individuals.

Foot Massage

Foot massages will aid in increasing blood circulation, reduce muscle and joint pain in the feet area. This will be accomplished using a variety of techniques such as applying pressure, kneading, rubbing, and or using specialized wooden massage tools. This is suitable for individuals experiencing tension and discomfort in the feet area.

Foot Massage
The therapiist massaging pregnant woman,for treat and relax program,at spa therapy.jpg

Pregnancy Massage

Our professional therapist will help soon to be mothers alleviate their muscle soreness, tension, de-stress, and swelling of the different areas. Recommended for pregnant women.


A full body scrub massage is a type of exfoliation treatment that uses a Body Scrub to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation. Suitable for individuals wanting their skin to look healthy and feel silky smooth.

Masseuse hand applying salt scrub on back customer at cosmetology spa centre. Relaxation m
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